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We purchase all of our properties at bulk – wholesale rates so that we can sell them to you at these never before seen prices! There is no better time for you to start your journey toward the American Dream!

While we do work with realtors nationwide, if you purchase our listing through our website, you will not have to pay an agent.

M WhiteCube LLC is a legally registered business in the State of Florida and can be searched through the Florida Divisions of Corporations Website, our mailing address is “M WhiteCube LLC 4033 Village Park Dr #1067 Knightdale, NC 27545”. We also only work with reputable third-party title and closing agents who hold all deeds and cash in escrow until the transaction is complete.

There are no hidden fees in our purchasing process. All listings will include a list of all fees including closing costs, documentation fees, property taxes, and monthly note servicing fees (owner finance only). The $99 non-refundable reservation fee will be applied to your sale price or down payment.

Once you pay the reservation fee, you will be given access to a purchase form which you will have 72 hours to complete which will be used to generate a sales agreement. Once you receive the sales agreement you will have 72 hours to sign it. After both documents are signed, they will be sent to a local title company to the property where they will complete the closing. If you do not complete the purchase form or contract within the 72 hour time frame, you will lose your claim to the property and it will be remarketed. The reservation fee is non-refundable but will be used toward your balance.

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The MyBestLandDeals.com Money Back Guarantee

At MyBestLandDeals.com, our satisfaction guarantee is a testament to our commitment to helping customers turn their land ownership dreams into reality. We genuinely believe that our properties represent the best available options at the most competitive prices in the market. So much so, that for outright cash purchases, we offer a unique money-back guarantee. If unforeseen circumstances arise within six months of closing, preventing you from pursuing your dream with the purchased parcel, we promise that we will buy it back from you if you want or need to sell it quickly. This guarantee* is our way of ensuring our customers are never ‘stuck’ with a property if life takes an unexpected turn. Our mission is to help you whenever we can.

Disclaimer: Please note that this offer is applicable only to cash purchases and does not extend to owner-financed deals. The calculated purchase rate will vary from property to property, but we guarantee it will fall within the range of 60-75% of the original cash purchase price.

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