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MyBestLandDeals.com, founded by renowned German entrepreneur and innovator Christian Mugrauer and seasoned American real estate entrepreneur Cole Barefoot, is on a mission to redefine the property acquisition experience. With a vision to establish a nationwide, easy-to-use, and trustworthy brand for buying and selling land.

At MyBestLandDeal.com, our mission is to redefine the landscape of property acquisition, offering our clients an unparalleled and delightful journey towards their dream investments.

We take pride in delivering the best purchasing experience to potential buyers, presenting an extensive array of properties at the most competitive prices. Our focus is on fostering enduring relationships with clients who seek not just a single property but a collection of dreams. MyBestLandDeal.com aims to be the go-to brand, consistently recommended for its trustworthiness and reliability.

Specializing in facilitating effortless and rewarding land acquisitions, we go beyond just providing a transaction. We are the brand that turns the American dream of owning a dream house in the perfect location into a reality—making the entire process seamless, comfortable, and swift. At MyBestLandDeal.com, we are not just selling land; we are facilitating the realization of dreams.

Our commitment extends beyond property ownership. We envision empowering our clients with a range of options for financial freedom, liberating them from the conventional constraints of banking. Whether it’s exploring entrepreneurship, increasing income, accumulating wealth, or expanding land portfolios, MyBestLandDeal.com is your partner in achieving goals beyond the horizon of traditional investments.

Join us in a journey where MyBestLandDeal.com is not just a transaction but a gateway to a future where dreams are realized and exceeded. Live life on your terms, and let MyBestLandDeal.com be the key to unlocking your dreams.

Your dreams, Your deal, MyBestLandDeal.com.

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What our Happy Customers Say

Brian & Loren Fish
Brian & Loren Fish
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After years of searching for affordable land, we struck gold in North Carolina at an unbelievable price when we stumbled upon MyBestLandDeals.com.

The process was seamless, and we were able to start building our dream home within months, thanks to the efficient and professional service from their Land Expert Cole, who guided us through every step, ensuring the property we chose was a perfect fit.

When we tell our neighbors what we paid for our property, they can't believe it. MyBestLandDeals.com not only made our dream a reality but did so at a price that exceeded all expectations. Highly recommend!

Loren and Brian Rabbat
(North Carolina)
Curtis Duck
Curtis Duck
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Getting into real estate investment had been on my mind for ages, but finding the right opportunity seemed like finding a needle in a haystack until I stumbled upon MyBestLandDeals.com. They dropped this amazing deal in my hometown on a piece of land at a crazy low price, all set for a tiny home. The whole process of buying that property was surprisingly easy.

What makes these folks stand out is that they're not just about sealing the deal; they want to make sure your investment pays off. They didn't just send me a deed; they shared tips on how to squeeze every bit of profit out of it. Fast forward, and my initial investment now pulls in over $1,500 each month. Their ongoing support and down-to-earth advice turned my dream of real estate success into a reality. If you're thinking about dipping your toes into real estate, MyBestLandDeals.com isn't just a platform; they're like your wingman on the road to financial wins.

Curtis Duck
Pete Keruskin
Pete Keruskin
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I had been on the lookout for the perfect white-tail hunting spot in Georgia for a while. The thing is, as a Veteran, I was a bit skeptical of these land companies not based in the U.S. until I found MyBestLandDeals.com. What stood out was when they set up a call for me with one of their Land Experts, and get this—they're also a hunter who lives down south and they knew exactly what I was looking for.

We had a real conversation about what I needed in a property, and it was refreshing. The Land Expert knew their stuff, and even gave me some ideas on how to profit off this property when it wasn’t hunting season. Long story short, we found the perfect spot. First year out, I bagged a 10-point buck, and my dad got an 8 point. Couldn't be happier with how it all worked out. Props to MyBestLandDeals.com for knowing their stuff and making this Vet a happy hunter.

Pete Keruskin
Frank Kerestesy
Frank Kerestesy
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Having worked with Cole Barefoot for several years as a private consultant in the land space, I can attest to his exceptional expertise and dedication. He has been instrumental in helping me identify and acquire numerous properties across the country, significantly boosting my investment portfolio.

Since Cole transitioned into building MyBestLandDeals.com, it's clear his knowledge, network, and understanding of the U.S. land market have only deepened. He has built a team with a commitment to delivering quality opportunities. If you're in the land investment game, having the MyBestLandDeals team on your side is a game-changer.

Frank Kerestesy

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