Found Your Dream Property? Here’s How to Ensure It’s Really Perfect.

6. May 2024

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on performing due diligence before purchasing vacant land. Whether you’re looking for a plot to build your dream home, a place for recreational use, or an investment opportunity, knowing how to assess a property thoroughly is crucial. This guide will walk you through the steps needed to make an informed decision, ensuring you find the perfect land without surprises.

Finding Your Dream Property

Exploring Opportunities

Begin your journey by searching for land in your desired area. Consider what you want to achieve with the property, and use this to guide your search criteria:

  • Location Preference: Start by defining the geographical region where you’d like to own land.
  • Budgeting: Set a realistic price range based on your financial capabilities and the typical costs in your chosen area.
  • Understanding Zoning Codes: It’s crucial to know the zoning regulations of the properties you’re considering. Zoning codes determine what you can and cannot do with the land, so align this with your intended use.

Finding properties that match your criteria might seem daunting, but with the right approach, you can identify numerous potential sites that appear perfect on paper.

Conduct Deeper Due Diligence

Asking the Right Questions

Once you’ve found a property that catches your interest, it’s time to dig deeper:

  • Engage with the Seller: Ask the seller or their agent detailed questions about the property’s size, exact location, access routes, availability of utilities, and more.
  • Due Diligence Sheet: MyBestLandDeals simplifies this step by providing a comprehensive Due Diligence Sheet for each listing, which includes over 50 commonly asked questions and answers, saving you time and effort.
  • Verify Information: Always confirm the information provided by contacting local authorities like the county or township offices. They can verify details and confirm that your planned use for the land is permitted under local laws.
  • Legal Consultation: Considering a consultation with a local attorney is wise to ensure all legal aspects are covered. Websites like FindLaw can help you find qualified legal assistance.

Online Tools and Resources

Utilize online tools to get a better visual and topographical understanding of the property:

  • County GIS Maps: These provide valuable insights into the property’s geography and are accessible through the local county’s website.
  • Online Map Tools: Online Sites and Apps like Google Earth and Land.ID are fantastic tools for getting a satellite view and to explore the area’s layout and natural features without having to drive out to see every single property.
  • Google Street View: This can sometimes offer a ground-level view of the property or its vicinity.

Visiting the Property

Preparation and Inspection

If the property continues to meet your criteria after thorough research, arrange a visit:

  • Exact Coordinates: Obtain precise coordinates or a physical address for the property. Nearby addresses can also help in locating the property accurately.
  • Appropriate Transportation: Ensure your vehicle is suitable for potentially rough terrains, especially for rural properties.
  • Essential Tools: Carry necessary equipment to maintain communication, like a charged mobile phone with a network connection. Apps like LandGlide can be incredibly helpful for navigating and identifying property boundaries while on-site.


Performing due diligence is a critical step in the land buying process. By following these detailed steps, you can ensure that the property you’re interested in will meet your needs and expectations. MyBestLandDeals is here to support you every step of the way, from initial browsing to making your land ownership dreams a reality.

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Testimonials from our satisfied customers
Brian & Loren Fish
Brian & Loren Fish
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Fulfilling our dream of building a home was made possible by After years of searching for affordable land, we struck gold in North Carolina at an unbelievable price. With seamless guidance from Cole, we started building within months. Highly recommend!
Curtis Duck
Curtis Duck
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Before, I was itching to dive into real estate but felt clueless. Then, they dropped a deal in my hometown that was perfect for a tiny home. Buying it was a breeze; they handed me all the info I needed. And get this, their tips on boosting profits turned my investment into a $1,500/month goldmine! Big shoutout to the MyBestLandDeals team for making it all happen.
Pete Keruskin
Pete Keruskin
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As a Veteran on the hunt for the perfect white-tail hunting property in Georgia, I'd been skeptical of other land companies that weren't based in the U.S. Then, I found What set them apart was when they scheduled a call, and I got to speak with a Land Expert who not only understood my needs but also shared a passion for hunting down south. We found the ideal property, and in the first year, I bagged a 10-pointer, and my dad got an 8. Couldn't be happier with the expertise and genuine understanding they brought to the table.
Frank Kerestesy
Frank Kerestesy
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I've collaborated with Cole Barefoot for years as a private consultant in the land space. He's played a pivotal role in expanding my investment portfolio with numerous properties across the country. Since launching, Cole's expertise and network have only grown. His understanding of the U.S. land market is unparalleled. With Cole, I've consistently found lucrative opportunities, proving there's always money to be made through his network.
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